Our passion at HUG Construction is to provide the ultimate construction experience by delivering the extraordinary through investing in people and their dreams.


Honor – We believe in the value of honoring each other, our neighbors, employees, and clients. We live in a culture that finds humor in spreading dishonor but at HUG we know that adding value to the marketplace is an opportunity to honor everyone involved in each transaction. Every decision we make with the homeowner or for a business remodel is informed by our decision to honor them.

Hustle – We believe in working really, REALLY hard. We focus on working hard in our physical labor and our willingness to pour our heart into the work that we do. From an entry level laborer to our leads, every single employee pulls their weight and gets after it. 

Humility – We believe in creating a culture where the newest person feels safe to point out a mistake or safety hazard. This culture is only possible if those in leadership are willing to listen well, regardless of who is talking. Regardless of position, everyone at Hug Construction expects honest, real-time feedback. We have set up our crews so that every project lead links arms with his guys and leads from the front, rather than from the top down.

Honesty – We believe in doing what is right whether the client is watching or not. We believe you cannot have true integrity unless you are willing to be honest when it is inconvenient. We have created a dynamic where we are as transparent with compliments and encouragement as we are with constructive feedback.