Your Partner for Your New Home, Remodel, or Addition

We understand that investing in a new home, remodel, or addition can be confusing and overwhelming.

Hug Construction simplifies the home building process by offering fixed bids, fixed schedules, and a streamlined client
communication system that keeps you up to date every step of the way.

Getting Started is Easy!

Tell us About Your Project

Call, text, chat or send an email. We’ll schedule a time to talk and you’ll tell us about your project.

Receive a Preliminary Bid

After we learn about your project, we’ll create a preliminary bid based on how much information you give us. For example, if you supplied blueprints, the bid would be more accurate than without.

Review and Sign the Contract

If it looks like we’ll be a good fit, we’ll draw up a contract based on the blueprints and materials you wish to use. The bid is fixed, so you know what you’re paying for going into the project. A fixed schedule is set with a start and completion date.

Start the Build

Once the contract is set, we get to work securing materials, so we’re ready to break ground on day one.

It comes down to trust and it comes down to relationship. And I think when you find somebody that you can trust and somebody that you have relationship with and you know that they’re going to deliver and they’re going to treat you well through the whole process, that’s worth a lot.

Jesse Sonneland

Fixed Bids | Fixed Schedules

Your building experience
should be simple, transparent,
and surprise free.

At Hug Construction, we prioritize your experience by offering fixed bid contracts, ensuring transparency and eliminating the risk of paying more than expected.

Our fixed schedule system guarantees project start and end dates.

Clear Communication

Transparent Communication: We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Hug Construction prioritizes clear communication throughout your project. Our comprehensive app ensures you stay informed, with weekly check-ins, updates on materials, timelines, and more.

We’re committed to keeping you educated and involved from start to finish.

The communication with Nate was PHENOMENAL. I could always count on him to be upfront, transparent, and pick up my call.

Terryl Johnson

5 insider tips for investment property construction in the Pacific Northwest

5 Insider Tips for Investment Property Construction

Owning investment properties can be a dream come true. They can serve as a steady source of rental income, diversify your investment portfolio, and provide you with potential capital gains and tax benefits. However, investment property construction is a tricky business. Rising costs, tight regulations, and local codes often make it more difficult than expected for real estate investors to build the kind of quality properties they want.

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Transforming Visions Into Reality: Hug Construction’s Two Decades of Excellence

Hug Construction has helped hundreds of clients realize their dream homes, remodels, and additions over the past two decades. We simplify the home-building process with transparent fixed bids, scheduling, and premier communication.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward an unforgettable
building experience, we’d love to hear about your project.